Anita Sundqvist

Elizabeth S. Lingjærde

Friday: 11:15-11:30

How to Crack the Code in the Skin Care Industry?

Many people find it difficult to get customers to the clinics.

Why is it like that?

What can we do about it?

What does the modern customer expect?


Anita has worked 28 years in the skin care industry, is a trained skin therapist and NLP Coach. She has in recent years studied what makes someone more successful than others. Anita tells her own stories about how she has got clinics to change direction so that they get the results they want.

Anita has faith in the future and that those who are conscious good results have an advantage over those who do not think so much about this.

Come and listen to the lecture: How to crack the code in the skin care industry.

Friday: 11:30-11:45

Economic Trends in the Industry

1: The biggest trends in beauty & wellness industry 2018

  • What can we expect from new products and services this year, and what do the market outlook look like?

  • The biggest trend is probably the rapidly growing and highly lucrative anti-aging market. Global growth will be around 7.5% annually, reaching $ 216 billion by 2021 forecasting agencies.


Saturday: 14:30- 15:00

2: Truth and myths about getting older

  • What are the biggest trends in anti-aging, and how can you stay healthy and prolong your life?

  • "The gray gold" in the next few years will crush the image of the elderly as frail and helpless. With the right training, diet and care, we will be able to stay healthy and healthy longer than ever.


Elizabeth S. Lingjærde (57) is a graduate, long-term freelance journalist, author of nutrition books, blogs and diet counselors from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. She runs the food blog and the lifestyle blog

Friday: 12:00-12:20

Skinbetter Science

Kaja runs Dermanor Medical, which is Dermanor's new venture towards the medical market. Below, Pharmaskincare and Skinbetter science are medical skin care series and are aimed at medical clinics / salons associated with nursing or physicians. Skinbetter science is a revolutionary skin care series and we look forward to hearing about it.


Kaja is a pharmacy technician and has a PhD degree from Nord-Trøndelag University College. She has experience from pharmacies and as Training Manager and Medical Relations in companies in the same industry. Now she works as a Business Development Manager at Dermanor Medical.

Kaja Helene Iselvmo

Trends 2018-Holistic beauty, younger from the inside out

Friday: 12:30-12:45

What to eat to get younger skin, why sauna give you less cellulite and why gut bacteria and collagen are the biggest health trends of the future! Meet the Sweden's foremost holistic health expert Linda Myrberg, in a packed lecture on the latest trends in holistic health, nutrition and super foods, that increase your skin, organs and your health in record time!


Linda Myrberg, spa consultant and holistic health expert. Linda is Scandinavia's leading spa expert with 25 years of experience in holistic health. She is a trained acupuncturist in traditional Chinese medicine, the spa manager and is one of the world's premier sauna experts. Linda has been a health coach on television and various newspapers in Denmark and Sweden, and in 2015 launched her own brand health, Nordic Superfood by Myrberg, which includes 12 different products such as berry powder mixtures, collagen, juice concentrates and tea. 2018 also launched by Myrberg ACU CUPS - a rubber coupling set for body and face, as well as 7 different essential oil blends for massage, aroma and sauna. of Myrberg's products Norway is launching the root Health and Beauty and Nordic Superfood will offer different food shows at the kitchen theater all weekend. "My goal is to show the health benefits of sauna, fitness, food and fuel to help the body and how to achieve vitality and sustain energy for life." Linda Myrberg

Linda Myrberg

Shaun Pulfrey

Hårshow by Tangler Teezer

Friday: 13:00-13:20

Shaun started her career as a hairdresser before he came up with the idea of designing a hair brush that solved tangles without problems. In 2007, the first hairbrush was launched, and since then, Tangle Teezer has grown to be a world-leading brand. With his inventions, Shaun has won several prestigious awards, including The Queen's Innovation Awards in 2012

Susanne Porras

"The Point Is To Make a Difference"

Friday: 15:00-15:20

Peptide Revolution- The widest variety of signaling molecules.

Petru van Zyl who is the founder of pHformula and POINT

Lost her dear dad in November 2015, she dedicated this line of products to him and wants to make a difference for everyone who has ALS.

This she does in the following way, all countries ph supply point products to become an amount per product allocated to the ALS association in each country.

Friday Kl 11:00-14:00

Conference room 3. floor, room C

Ambulance driver, lifeguard and course leader in the Red Cross, Odd Roger Ringdal from Sandefjord, will hold the course.


Training on cardiovascular and pulmonary resuscitation and general first aid is on the agenda. There will be both theory and practice on the course. You will receive proof of course participation that will apply as a refreshment certificate and generally a certificate of competence.

Friday kl 15:30 - 16:30

Conference room 3. floor, room C

Probiotic Skincare - a real breakthrough in skin care

Lecture with Eric Johansson

Why probiotics on the skin?

  • Probiotics produce hyaluronic acid and lactic acid in the skin. When you add a drop of Esse Probiotic Serum or Esse Sensitive Serum to the skin, you supply 50,000,000 small factories that produce these acids in your skin. Hyaluronic acid and lactic acid are the best moisturizers we have / can add to the skin!

  • Probiotic microbes talk to the cells of the stratum corneum to provide a more dense structure to the skin barrier.

  • The human cells have receivers for microbes, if these recipients are occupied by positive microbes, the negatives cannot attach to the cell and break it down.


The optimal skin condition depends on the probiotic microbes living on and in it. Without these microbes, your skin will not be able to perform its basic functions and the skin will age faster. We will see a lot of probiotic skin care in the future. Esse Probiotic Skincare is a world leader in research on skin probiotics and already has good experience in this field and can show amazing results. The series has won several awards for its products. Come on the lecture for general information!

14:15 - 15:15

Conference room 3. floor, room C

The significance of genes for skin appearance and DNA based cosmetics.


The new generation of skin analysis!

Lecture with Grethe Marie Grimen


One.gen / 0.1 is a breakthrough in the prevention and treatment of aging signs.


Now the luxurious method is finally available in Norway! All people have their own

own unique combination of genes. This composition is called DNA, and can be seen as a genetic recipe for each body. Since all people have different DNA, we also need different skin care treatments. Therefore, Spanish researchers have now developed an analysis tool and a product line that is customized to each customer


"Prima-Derm has a strong history of innovation, with roots in the pharmaceutical sector and focusing on highly efficient products. They have their own laboratory where they research new ingredients, mainly peptides, which are known to be very effective in treating blah aging, hyperpigmentation, etc. An example of one of the many discoveries and contributions founder and president Jose Maria Garcia Anton has given to the cosmetics industry is an ingredient called Argireline (Acetyl


Hexapeptide 3) which, with its "botox-like" effect is one of the most successful active ingredients ever launched in the cosmetics market. "



FrIDAY 2/2:

10:00 The fair opens

11:00-14:00 3rd floor conference room: First aid course

11:00-11:15 scene Press release Atle Hoff and organizer Kari Tveranger welcome everyone

11:15-11:30 scene Lecture by Anita Sundquist: The code for success in the industry

11:30-11:45 Scene Lecture by Elizabeth Lingjærde: Economic trends in the industry

12:00-12:20 scene Lecture by Kaja Helene Iseelvmo: Skin better science

12:30-12:50 Scene Lecture by Linda Myrberg: Trends 2018-Holistic beauty, younger from within and out

13:00-13:20 Scene Hair Show Tangler Teezer by Shaun

14:15-15:15th 3rd floor The conference room Gener's importance for skin appearance and DNA based cosmetics


15:30-16:30 3rd floor Conference room: Probiotic skincare

15:30-16:00 Scene Lecture by Susanne Porras: The point is to make a difference


16:30- 19:00 Opening of industry mingling in the Beauty Bar, serving and drinking

16:30-16:45 Scene Hair / makeup show by Floke Hairdresser: The green walk

16:45-17:00 Scene Makeup & Hair display of Make Up Store + Nikita

19:00- The fair closes



10:00 The fair opens

12:00-12:20 Scene Lecture by Stein Flaterud

13:00-13:15 Scene Excerpt from the musical Wizard of Oz by Christer Tornell

14:00-14:20 Scene Concert with Elin Kåven - "Elin & The Woods"

14:30-15:00 Scene Lecture by Elizabeth Lingjerde: trends within anti age

15:00-15: 15 Scene Gobi Presents the App

15:10-16:00 Scene Fashion show: Fashion Conventions International


16:00-16:30 Scene Trendshow by L'Orèal


16:30-16:45 Scene Hair / makeup show by Floke: The green walk

16:45-17:00 Scene Makeup & Hair display of Make Up Store

17:30 - 18:00 Many Debauch


18: 00 The fair closes


21: 00-03: 00! The party continues on Chitra and Taket Steen & Strøm



Sunday 4/2:

10:00 The fair opens

12:00-12:20 Scene Lecture + show by Fred Hamelten

13:00-13:15 Scene Wizard of Oz musical by Christer Tornell

14:00-14:30 Scene Drawing of EL-BENK competition, by the Skin Care wholesaler

14:30-14:50 Scene Concert with Elin Kåven

15:00-15:20 Scene Makeup & Hair display of Make Up Store + Nikita Hair

16:00-16:30 Scene Trendshow by L`oreal

16:40-17:00 Scene Drag Show; Mrs. Burkey by Anders Burkey

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